Traffic Violations

Some driving offenses may result in criminal convictions and a permanent record. While there are many traffic violations, some of them are more severe in consequences. It is important for you to know your rights when dealing with a traffic violation charge. At Cohen, Warren, Meyer & Gitter, P.C., we provide the best legal service and course of action in case you are faced with any traffic ticket or felony charge. Traffic violation tickets can carry high fines and may raise your auto insurance. From a speeding ticket to a vehicular accident, our attorneys will endeavor to help you avoid the adverse consequences such as losing your driver’s license or having your car insurance premiums increase.

At Cohen, Warren, Meyer & Gitter, P.C., we work diligently to reach a favorable outcome that creates minimum impact on your right to drive. We have extensive experience with these matters and we know the best approach to protect your interests. We use our best efforts to increase your chances to avoid penalties in auto insurance and have the charges reduced or dismissed.

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