Civil Litigation

Cohen, Warren, Meyer & Gitter, P.C. has over 40 years experience in dealing with an array of civil litigation cases including property disputes, appeals, insurance law, estate planning, personal injury, violation of contract and divorce cases. We are a team of seasoned attorneys who are skilled in litigating any type of issues related to civil suits. We work with you as a team to attain positive outcomes to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The most common litigation cases involve property disputes, personal injury, and breach of contract. Here at Cohen, Warren, Meyer & Gitter, P.C., we specialize in these cases and deal with them on a daily basis. Furthermore, due to our vast experience, our firm's civil litigation practice area services business issues at large.

We know civil litigation is often a complicated and stressful process so in order to get it right, our attorneys will guide you inside and outside of the courtroom. Our law firm has successfully represented individuals and businesses in a variety of civil disputes.

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